Stingy Sailor reviews 3D printed Catalina 22 MastGate & Quick-Release Track-Stop.

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Nylon MastGates shipped from USA & Netherlands. 

Stainless steel MastGates shipped from Washington, USA

Why is MastGate's design better?
Our patented design derives holding strength by forming gates to grip the geometric contours of the feed slot's extrusion.

We use nylon fasteners that prevent Galvanic Corrosion between screws and mast.

10-31-2017 List of sailboats equipped with a MastGate:

Alajuela 38, Albin-57, Albin Vega 27, Aloha 28, American Sail A18, Aquarius 23, Archambault-31, Astus-20.2, Aquarius, Balboa, Beneteau First 21 25 210 235 305 320 36.7 , Bristol-24, C&C 25 27 32 33 34 Landfall 38 40 , C&C Landfall 38, Cal 9.2 20 22 27 MK-3, Cape Dory Typhoon, Cape Dory 28, Capri 14.2 18 25 , Catalina 14.2 16.5 18 22 27 30 MK-3 34 36  310 320 380 350 , Chrysler 20 22 , Clipper Marine 21, Columbia 26 MK-2 28 , Compac 16 XL 19 MK-2 23 MK-3, Contessa 32, Core Sound 20, Coronado 23, 27, Cortez 16, Crown 34, C-36, Dwyer, Edel IV, Ericson, Express-37, Felucca Kornati 606,  Flying Scott, Gloster-19, Gramplan, H-28,  Hanse, H-boat, Harbor 20 , Harpoon 5.2, Helsen, Herman 17, Hirondelle, Hotfoot-20, Hunter, IP-35,  Islander Freeport, J22 J24 J27 J29 J30 J33 J80 J92 J105 J109, Jeanneau 37, Sunfast, Kent Ranger 26, Kenyon D, Lancer, Liberty 18, Lindenberg 22 26, Lockley, Lone Star 13, Lugger Leward 16, MacGregor 25 M26S M26X M26M, Merit 25, Merrihome-26,  Mirage 30, Montgomery, MV-25, Nancy's China 15.2,  Newport 16, Mk3 , NG , Nightingale, Nordica 16, O'Day Mariner, O'day Daysailer, 222 , Olsen-34, Pacific Seacraft, Pearson Flyer 30, Pearson Ensign, PY-23,Precision 18, 23, R 20, Ranger 20, Rebel Spindrift 22 , Rhodes, S2-7.9, Sabre 28, Sage 15 17, SageCat 15, Sanibel, San Juan 23, Sea Sprite 23, Seidelmann 24, Schock 23.5, Seafarer 24 29, SeaSprite, Seaward, Selden C264, Shields, Shipper, South Coast, Sovereign 17, Spacesailer, Sparcraft FM385, S2 7.9, Spartan, SparCraft FM385, Spartan mast CD2, Starwind 19, 223, Soveral 20 30, Stiletto 27, Stuart Rhodes, Sturdee Cat, Tanzer, Tartan Thomas 23 35 3000, Tayana 37 42, Trapper 500, US Spars  Z 145, US Yacht-25,  Vagabond 17, Venture 17, 25, Victoria 18, Vision 660, Voyager 20, Wayfarer 16, West Wight Potter 14 15 18 19, Windrider 17, Wylie 34, Yamaha 30, Young 6M, Z-spar 701

sail boat slug track cover



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c/o Tom Luque

3823 NW 32nd Ave

Camas, WA  98607.

MastGates are designed & built in USA  using Stainless-316 and 3D printed nylon or other plastics.

Which MastGate is right for you will depend on your mast's extrusion and how often you remove sail.

Our Internally mounted gate snaps closed after each slug insertion.  No tools needed for slug removal.

Externally mounted gates come in different styles:

Non-tethered;  Tethered with D-ring;  Tethered hinge.

Because there are so many mast extrusion variations and feed slot variations, we will custom build each order.

Many of our 3D printed nylon designs  can be seen at:

Paper clip sailboat art created by Tom Luque (2014)

Your mast gate (3D printed) came in this week. Had a chance to install it today. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.
Every sailor I know (and many I don't) will be getting a testimonial memo. 
Best regards,
Dan (Cape Dory Typhoon with Spartan CD2 Mast project)   ​(see other testimonials)​  

(Photo: Dan Phy in Montgomery sailboat)

bridging the gap for Single-handed sailing

In my Local area I provide: 3D printing & designs  / Soldering circuit boards & Repair Electronic appliances & toys / Replace Electrical Switches, Outlets, Fixtures and Appliance repairs (AKA Electronic Control Systems)

3D printed nylon & plastic MastGates have been in use for:

Aquarius 23

Catalina 14, 16, 18, 22, 25, 27, 30, 320,  380

Hunter 27 ; Hunter 216

MacGregor 26X , 26S, 26M

US Spars: Z190, Z170, Z301, Z105, Z265

SparCraft FM385, F305, 701
DWYER Mast: DM1, DM5, DM6, DM375, DM368,

​West Wight Potter: 14; 15; 18; 19

​Sanibel 18 ; Capry 25;  J-109; Tayana 37; Tartan Thomas; Lindenberg 26; Beneteau 36.7 ; Jeneteau.

​Too many to list.  send requests to 

Please include your phone number and sailboat year, make, model, and photos of feed slot.


​​​​​​How often are you caught off guard to reef or change sail ?

Balboa-26 sailor says:

"My MastGate fits and works perfectly. We reefed and un-reefed several times in high wind while underway. Reefing has become a sail trimming option as opposed to something to be done ahead of time. Thank you!"

NorthSails ​Sailmaker says:
"I like your product very much.  I am a sailmaker for over 30 years and I always joked that most mast companies never figured out the sail / mast connection. "

Your product is slickest application out there. 
....  will now direct clients to your site as a solution.

Chris K (US Yacht 25 “Chinook”)

The Internal MastGate ... ” I raised,  lowered and reefed several times with no problems.  It was the first time I’ve ever been able to actually go to the second reef, and it was easy at that.  Great product.
Thanks again!"

John C (Beneteau 36.7)  I used to worry about sending some one to the mast to baby sit the slugs.

Now I no longer think about lowering or raising sail since installing my carbon fiber MastGate insert. 

Hey Tom, (Catalina 320)
It’s been working wonderfully.  I haven’t had any issues to speak of.  Thank you for the craftsmanship!
Billy Schroder | Player Relations | PGA TOUR 

Please search for more "Luque Mastgates"  videos.
       (see MastGate photos)​    (3D printed parts)