Tom – I got the opportunity this past weekend to get my mast & mainsail up & to test out the 3D printed Mast Gates you made for my Aquarius 23.  They worked really well! The main drops neatly down & it is very nice to get that sail really down onto the boom for the first time ever!.

Hi Tom,
I only have positive feedback for the Mastgate.  Makes reefing a breeze and I don't think in seven years have I been able to trim my main so well. You made an excellent product.

 Dick B. (West Wight Potter 19 May 2018)

The mast gate worked extremely well - it was the best 100 euros I have spent on that boat. I can raise, drop and do most of the reefing from the cockpit, which is exactly what I wanted it to do.  I can only recommend the mast gate, it is great.
Kind regards,Pat Sparrow (Gibsea sailboat)


Hi Tom, just wanted to say how pleased I am with the mast gates you made for my Santana Schock 23’. Works brilliantly and has made sail handling so much easier, especially reefing. Fit perfectly on the first try and has worked flawlessly over a whole season of racing! Tyson

​Hi Tom, the mastgate
fits and works perfectly. We reefed and unreefed several times in high wind while underway. Reefing has become a sail trimming option as opposed to something to be done ahead of time. Thank you!
​Michael L. Balboa-26

I'm a 77yr old Monty 15 sailer with a neurological condition that limits my hand  strength and dexterity. I still sail frequently , with the majority of my sailing being  multi-day trips , up to two weeks on the water. Prior to Tom installing his MastGate, I had trouble in sail handling. The mast track opening was to high , I had to stand on the cabin top to feed the slugs into the slot or when I took  the sails down to reef or put the sails on the boom. Tom very cleverly closed off the existing wedged track opening and installed his MastGate in a lower and handier location. Once the sail slugs were fed into the mast track, I could raise and lower the sails from the cockpit. This made reefing and sail management much easer.  The installation of Tom's MastGate has made my sail management must easer, especially reefing in sporting conditions. 
Jim K, Montgomery 15  

Hello Tom, I have a 1973 O'Day Mariner.  I just got back from a three-day sailing trip accompanied by another Mariner, sailed by Nathan Bayreuther.  At one point we encountered conditions where it became prudent to reef, and I was amazed at how quickly Nate was able to tuck a reef into his mainsail.  He tried to explain his Mast Gate, but I didn't understand what he was saying until I could actually inspect the thing.  I am impressed!  Such a simple little device makes life so much easier for the single-hander.I am interested in ordering exactly the same thing.  From what I recall, it seems to me that Nate has an "external hinged" Mast Gate. Thanks!Chris Albert

I purchased an internal mast gate from you earlier this summer for my Sovereign 17. You were very helpful on the phone, working with me to make sure I ordered exactly what I needed. The gate was easy to install and it has exceeded my expectations! It works beautifully, and it has allowed me to keep my sail mounted and covered without worrying about the sail slides falling out.
Thank you for such a well-engineered and useful product!  Mark Thogmartin

Tom, I saw the video demo of your product on You Tube. Fantastic! - I only wish that I had seen it before I installed a "Mast Gater" that I bought from Catalina Direct...  I tried to solve the problem of screws, or the screw driver, getting dropped over the side while you are trying to get the sail in by attaching the gates...
David M, Catalina 22 (1980's)

 Tom, I thought your first gate was outta the to speak...was fabulous in its effectiveness and simplicity.  The kits you're selling are brilliant!  I'm going to assess my needs and while the doityurselfer in me leans toward your first gate I may well be ordering a kit for ease and no running around to find the right SS tube on my part.
Thanks for your work!!  Rich G / day sailer 

 I was able to spend a fair bit of time this summer not working but out sailing and enjoying your mastgate.  Which works excellently.  I sail with a variety of friends who are quite experienced at cruising or racing, but not trailer sailing; and all are impressed with the cleverness, simplicity, and efficacy of your product.  As you probably know, it makes quite a difference.

Peter F. (Architech)  Pearson 165

Installed Tom Luque's latest mastgate version today, took all of 10 minutes, insert mastgate, drill 2 holes w/1/16" bit in mast thru the nipples on the back of his mastgate as pilot holes, drill 3/16" holes thru the pilots to accommodate the nipples and keep the mastgate from sliding up/down. Re-insert mastgate, done. Works just fine, sail slugs slide well thru it, pinch it to raise/lower and remove slugs (see his video on his site). Time will tell how it holds up, but I expect just fine.  (Catalina 22)

EZE mod and kudos to Tom for a well engineered product. Didn't have experience with his original/previous version, but all good from Gene's and others experience. Some pics of this simple install below...highly recommend,, regardless of which product you may choose. (btw, I had some install questions, called Tom @ 9am eastern, he returned the call at 6am his time and talked me thru it...stellar customer service!) Clearly one of the best investments you'll make for a Catalina 22, no more slugs falling out when reefing, and less than a "boat buck"!

We've been using Tom's "dual external tethered" gates for quite some time. We love them, they are flawless. At first I was suspicious of the plastic rivets and thin shock cord, but the suspicion wore off as the years went by. 

And you will never do business with a better man than Tom Luque.
Catalina 22,  Gene Neill

Hi Tom,
The May weather in Indiana finally warmed up and we were able to get the boat in the water last week. I have been out sailing 3 or 4 times and the pop-in mast gate seems to work well for the Precision 18. The slugs slide through smoothly and there is no longer the potential chafe from the thumbscrew used previously. The sail also flakes better on the boom for storage.
Thanks,  Fritz

Hi Tom,
The weather in Indiana finally warmed up and we were able to get the boat in the water last week. I have been out sailing 3 or 4 times and the pop-in mast gate seems to work well for the Precision 18. The slugs slide through smoothly and there is no longer the potential chafe from the thumbscrew used previously. The sail also flakes better on the boom for storage.

The Mastgate fit perfectly and the holes on the installation template were far enough away from the existing holes, so I drilled new holes and installed in accordance with your instructions. It was easy - that's a slick installation kit. The Mastgate works well, just as advertised.
Jim W. (Internal gate for O'Day Marine II)

I just came back from 8 days on Lake Mead and the gate performed perfectly. I had to reef repeatedly while under sail and never had any problems. Two different days we saw peak gusts of 35 knots! I had no problems controlling the boat but progress to windward was next to impossible. But that’s not the gate’s fault!
 Thanks, Carl B. (West Wight Potter 19,  Internal gate)

Hi Tom,....  After having the sail slugs fall out on me every time I lowered the sail, I would have paid around $125-$150.00 for a gate installation. After having viewed your video and put one on last night, on my next boat I would probably purchase the gate and drill the mast and install the gate myself. I really appreciate your help..Shane (Potter 19)

My new mast gate worked slicker than boiled okra in a glass bowl!  My sail slid up the slot with no jams and flaked like broiled fish upon lowering. I'm so pleased! 

Thanks again, Tom.
Doug D,  Precision 185 (Fixed Gate)

I have been using the mast gate for two months now and its a major improvement in sail control. Adding or removing sail slugs is so easy, just a slight push on the gate and it opens or closes.  It is especially helpful when a slug needs to be removed in order to reef. My West Wight Potter 15 has a long top batten which bows when the sail is furled unless the slug at the end of the batten is removed from the track. With the snap gate that process is a "snap".​

Don Phy , Potter 15

I install it and it is absolutle perfect, Excuse mi english. 
Jean-François, MacGregor 26M

I’m excited about being able to raise and lower my sail without making my son “babysit” the slides as they fall out of the mast slot!!!My mast gate is working incredible.  I've hopefully been a good spokesperson because I've shown many members at our boat club which has over 400 sailboats.  Thanks for making a great product that is tried and true!!!
Duke,  1978 San Juan 21, Edmond, OK

I just installed one of Tom Luque's external Mast gates on my newly purchased 2000 P19. It only took one sail to convince me that something had to be done. Now, problems solved, raising sail, lowering sail, reefing, folding sail onto the boom all have become simple. I recommend the product highly.
Trailer Sailor, laurymd (Potter 19)

Hi Tom,I wanted to let you know that I finally got out to the boat, and that the part fits perfectly- much thanks for your help with creating the specs, for the great follow up, and the great information you shared with me. All very much appreciated!!
Best regards,
Steve G( External Fixed 1986 O'Day 23

I finally installed my INTERNAL M-15 mastgate, made for me by Tom Luque. I believe, since Tom had to really do some extra research and work to get it right (thanks Tom!), .Just too cool! Works perfectly. Even the boom gooseneck slides in and out with no difficulty. Smooth.Tom did a great job. I'm not surprised, considering all that I have read about his product and his customer service.Cheers, Gary FROLIC, M15, Hull # 667

​After 2 years use,

I have now built a boom tent that suspends under the boom. The forward end gets clipped to the downhaul ring on the gooseneck slide, so I needed a means of holding the gooseneck up. Tried a traditional slug stop w/ the knurled knob, but can't get it tight enough. Ordered your Track-Stop Quick-Release, the one with the 2" rod. It's for a DM-284 mast.

Thanks!   Tim W