For all MastGate requests and orders, Please go to the ORDER page, fill out Work Sheet that best matches your mast's cross section Profile using the chart there.

Many custom Nylon MastGates are at , use the search words:

mastgate Luque

QuickRelease TrackStop (QRTS)

1.  $49.95   7/16" diameter by 2" long alum rod.

​2.  $59.95  7/16" diameter by 2" long alum rod with stainless threaded insert to attach a flexible 8" extension rod, which allows insertion via the feed slot.

You can request a custom build that best fits your needs.


Add Cleat Shields for Sailing Safety:
Prevents unintentional snags during a jibe.
Snagging Fishing and anchor lines.
Hooking onto clothing or skin.
Prevent cleat horn breakage when stepping aboard.
Holds dock line from slipping off.
If you can not afford to spend $300 for Antal's 280 roller , please consider us!

Place our expandable Shields around your cleat horns and your lines will sweep up & over without a hangup.
An elastic cord pulls the shield halves together for a firm attachment over a dock line and around the cleat horn.  This aids in securing your dock line from slipping off.  The pull string aids in removing.


Cleat Protector   (prices based on choice of material):

$55.98  Nylon (best when boat surface temperatures are above 110F)

Search  "Cleat Horn protector" to order.

Larger and smaller Shields can be designed for your boat .​           


1.  $69.95  Internal MastGate kit (self closing) for profiles A & B

2.  $59.95  External Tethered kit. For profiles A, B, C, D.

3.  $49.95  External Fixed kit for profiles A, B, C & D

 ( add $12 to include a D-ring to each gate plate)


price list info.   Warranty Satisfaction guaranteed.

Stainless 316  MastGate. 

Average prices for building stainless-316 gates to bridge single cut feed slots of  4" or less:​​

3D printed MastGate Inserts made from long lasting plastics.

There are too many build variations to list a price.

Besides cross section geometry, we need the feed slot vertical length, slot width, sail slug part number and photos.