Special instructions before closing Spread or Wedged sail track:

If you don't want to restore the track, we can build you a drop-in Mastgate.

I have performed this restoration on: 

MacGregor 26M & 26X ; Potter -19 ; Potter 14 ; Montgomery 15.

Help links & YOUTUBE VIDEO :

Montgomery-15 closing.

click here to ​find a profile work sheet

​How to close a Spread feed slot is at bottom of page.

If you don't have slugs attached to your sail yet, [watch SailRite video]

3/8" and smaller diameter is the most comon size range.

Tools needed:

Hard wood strip  1" x 2" x 12"

Wood or plastic shim  1/8" x 2" x 12"

Rubber mallet or Hammer

Masking tape ( 1/2" x 12")

Dremel type tool with a thin cutting wheel (need electricity)

Ignition file (auto store)

Optional: Drill and 1/4" & 3/8" bits

Estimated Time: 15 minutes to close slot and 30 minutes to cut slot and file clean.

Before closing the slot, the object is to find a sail slot location between raised sail slugs and that the slot sit higher than the flaked sail pack.

With slugs attached, hoist sail up mast to pencil mark location of the lower two slug positions on mast.  Now flake sail pack on top of boom to mark where the top of sail pack rests on mast, because you will want the feed slot to be about 4 inches above the pack and between the two lower sail slugs.

 You can do job without removing mast from boat, but you must remove boom from mast to prevent shock damage to mounts and joints.

Otherwise, place the mast laying on a lawn, cushioned ground, or work bench.

Tape the 1/8" shim between the track and slot.  This will act as a limit to prevent closing track too much.

Alternate the Hammering of the hard wood strip against the spread cheek to close the cheeks of the mast so track lips are back into alignment with the un-bent track.

Use masking tape to mark out the 3" x 3/8" profile cut on the starboard side of mast (good for right-handed working).

Optional: For inside rounded corners, use a 3/8" or smaller drill bit to create a radius.  Remember to offset the drilling so drill won't go into the tape.

Use a Dremel type tool with a metal cutting wheel to cut feed slot and file edges smooth and rounded.

Send questions and photos to TomLuque@gmail.com

Catalina 22 DIY site.


Webbing is not the best way to attach sail slugs.

​Click on image to expand posting.

​ I prefer shackles vs sewn web.  Shackles allow the sail to twist and flake easier (reducing sail pack size) and will reduce slug friction in the track.

Adding a slight dab of "Starbright Zipper & Snap Lube" to the neck web of each slug makes a quantum reduction in slide-ability.

YouTube.com  How-to videos, ​Search "mastgate Luque"

MacGreagor 26X & 26M plastic insert install.

Order your gate without holes.  

Slide show on how to transfer hole location on mast to gate plate.

Form fit your External gates before drilling holes.

Use wood shims and mallet.

Internal self closing MastGate Install

Internal MastGate hole templates and hole location.

Jim install sail on Potter 14 using Internal MastGate

Jim reefing Potter 14 with Internal MastGate

Tom install sail on Potter 19 using Internal MastGate

Close spread track & cut sail slot (Potter 14). 

​see written instruction below this page.

Closing spread slot on a Montgomery .

see written instruction below this page.

​Bifurcated Cassette Slide

H2 External Fixed gate

​H3 External Fixed gate

Installing External Hingable MastGate in 5 minutes (Sage 17). 

Internal MastGate function.

1/32" pocket recess cut into mast track lip. MastGate External Hingable 

External Fixed gate, MacGregor M26X.

Dual External gates on DM-20

Dock side demonstration of Variable-Reefing on Potter 19

Best Potter 19 Mast Raising System (part 1)

Best Potter 19 Mast Raising System (part 2 of 2) 

Sailor wishes he had a MastGate on his Luger Leward 16. 

My favorite sailboat is the West Wight Potter.

​Safety & Comfort vs Speed.

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