Email us a jpg file for custom decals.

3D printed Inserts made from long lasting plastic.

There are too many variations to list a price.

Besides geometry, Prices very with feed slot length and slot width.


For all MastGate requests and orders, Please go to the ORDER page, fill out Work Sheet that best matches your mast's cross section Profile using the chart there.

QuickRelease TrackStop (QRTS)

1.  $49.95   7/16" diameter by 4" long alum rod.

​2.  $59.95  7/16" diameter by 2" long alum rod with stainless threaded insert and flexible 8" extension rod (cut flex to desired length).  Flex rod allows assembly via the feed slot.

You can request a custom build that best fits your needs.


Cleat Protector   (prices based on choice of material):

$49.95 for Plastic ( red; blue; lime green; black; satin white)

$69.95  for Nylon (best when boat surface temperatures are above 110F)

Ask Larger Shields quotes.​           


1.  $69.95  Internal MastGate kit (self closing) for profiles A & B

2.  $59.95  External Tethered kit. For profiles A, B, C, D.

3.  $49.95  External Fixed kit for profiles C & D

4.  $49.95  External Fixed kit for profiles A & B

 ( add $12 to include a hinged pull D-ring to items 3 and 4)


price list info.   Warranty Satisfaction guaranteed.

Stainless 316  MastGate. 

Average price for bridging feed slots of 4" or less.

​If you need more that one gate plate of the same dimensions,  the extra gate plates will have a 30% discount.