Quick-Release Track-Stop (QRTS) .

Never lose another track top overboard or need plyers.
Our light weight QuickRelease handles only require a few pounds of hand pressure to provide over a hundred pounds of track locking pressure. 
We use aluminum rods that come in two lengths, 2", 4" and we have an 8" flexible extension kit.  They will fit all track channel profiles.
Click on images for a larger view. Use as  Track Stop or under boom slide.  Many variations.

The most common uses for QuickRelease TrackStop:

1.  Sailors who wants the simplest solution to keep the sail from falling out of the sail-feed slot. 
2.  Use it under a sliding goose-neck to limit boom drop during reefing.
3.  Create more head room or a taller boom tent by locking the boom higher up the mast.

Single & Dual External Fixed MastGAtes

Photos: Click on ​to enlarge.

Aluminum gate plate with a thumb screw.  Replacement 10-32 thread inserts also available.

Single and Dual Internal MastGates

New 3D  printed solutions when you must have a flush mounted sides.

A must have when using Bainbridge A117 compression slide or cars with ball bearings.

Here are photos of G1 , E1 , and H1 mast Cross Section Profiles.

G1 Profile ( Beneteau 36.7 ; Catalina 380 )

E1 Profile  ( Tayana-37 and H-Boat )

H1 Profile  ( too many to list )

Single & Dual External Tethered MastGates