ABOUT products:

QuickRelease TrackStop (QRTS) has replaced the round knob types.

Sailors with wet, cold or arthritic hands curse those small metal knob stops and say good bye when they bounce overboard.

Welcome to our easily to use dual cam action locking & release system.  

Places you will want to use a QRTS:

1.   block the opening of their feed slot, because it is only a few inches above a fixed boom.

2.  place one under a sliding boom to limit drop during reefing.

3.  increase head room under boom by sliding it up mast while at rest.  Release when ready to sail.

     (note: to hold back end of boom up, use topping lift or halyard.)

Hard to believe, but Weight is similar to the round knob types, because our handle is made of a tough composite resin from Germany.

Smart phone users can send Photos, drawings or Text  to:  
​iPhone  360-823-7751
EMAIL to:   info@MastGates.com

​MAILING ADDRESS:  MastGates.com

c/o Tom Luque
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Why D-Rings?

a.  Easier to disengage gate plate from mast.
b.  Less likely to drop overboard with a finger hooked into ring.
c.  You can tether ring to mast.
d.  A t
wo MastGate setup with D-rings, use a shock cord (bungee) to go around mast to other MastGate to spring them together and skip drilling holes for attachment.