MastGates for single-handed sailing.

Don't Monkey around.....

Reef with confidence, and

reduce sail stacking.

For a sailboat to reef  correctly, you must have a way to prevent sail slugs from falling out of the sail feed slot.  

When the slugs fall out, someone has to leave the safety of the cockpit to guide them back into the mast's sail slot before hoisting the mainsail back up.

A MastGate solves the problem by creating a bridge over the sail slot to restore full use of track channel.

Sail slugs are now free to slide up & down without falling out of the slot while reefing or flaking sail fully onto the boom for a small sail pack. offers "custom built" gates to bridge single cut, dual cut, or wedged sail slot openings.

Our patented designs eliminate the need for metal screws in thin aluminum mast walls.

Our one-year warranty guarantees your satisfaction.


Reef singlehanded and enjoy trim StackPack profile.