​MastGates  &  Quick-Release Track-stoP

We will build a QRTS variation to meet your needs.

Since I have a MastGate, I use one under my sliding boom to limit drop during reefing and sometimes I will push boom above my head and lock it for more cockpit room.

Above QRTS Photo:
$39.95 with 2" long rod.
​$54.95 with threaded adapter and extension.
$119.95  2" SS bifurcated tube attached to extension.



Sailors equipped with a sliding gooseneck on their boom love our "Quick-Release Track-Stop" (QRTS). 

​Even if your hand is wet, cold or arthritic, the Dual cam handle will  easily open or lock.  (up to 500 pounds of locking force)

Paper clip art created by Tom Luque

StingySailor.com has posted my free DIY project, How to build a Tiller Lock.

Very few parts are needed.  The heart of the kit is a SS J-bolt, which I found at Park Rose Hardware store in Vancouver, WA.

List of sailboats equipped with a MastGate:

Alajuela 38, Albin-57, American Sail A18, Astus-20.2, Aquarius, Balboa, Beneteau First 21 235 305, Bristol, C&C 25 27 32 33 MK1 34 Landfall 38, CC, Cal 20 22 27 MK-3, Cape Dory Typhoon, Cape Dory 28, Capri 14.2 18 25 , Catalina 14.2 16.5 18 22 27 30 MK-3 34 36  310 380 350 , Chrysler 20 22 , Clipper Marine 21, Columbia 26 MK-2 28 , Compac 16 XL 19 MK-2 23 MK-3, Core Sound 20, Coronado, Cortez 16, Crown 34, C-36, Dwyer, Ericson, Flying Scott, Gloster-19, Gramplan, Hanse, Harpoon 5.2, Helsen, Hunter, Islander Freeport, J 22 24 29 30 80, Kent Ranger 26, Kenyon, Lancer, Liberty 18, Lockley, Lugger Leward 16, Newport 16, MacGregor, Merit 25, Mirage, Montgomery, Nancy's China 15.2, NG, Nightingale, Nordica 16, O day, o'day, Pacific Seacraft, Pearson, Rhodes, Precision, Ranger, Sabre 28, Sage 17,Sanibel, San Juan, Sea Sprite, Seidelmann 24, Schock 23.5, Seafarer 29, Seaward, Selden C264, Shields, Shipper, South Coast, Sovereign 17, Spacesailer, Sparcraft, Spartan, Stiletto 27, Stuart Rhodes, Sturdee Cat, Tanzer, Tartan Thomas 35 3000, Trapper 500, US Spars  Z 145, Vagabond 17, Venture 17, Victoria 18, Vision 660, Wayfarer 16, West Wight Potter 14 15 18 19, Windrider 17, Wylie 34, Zspar

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​​​​​​​ MastGate's patented design bridges the sail feed gap for Single-Handed-Sailing.

Balboa-26 sailor says:

"My MastGate fits and works perfectly. We reefed and unreefed several times in high wind while underway. Reefing has become a sail trimming option as opposed to something to be done ahead of time. Thank you!"

NorthSails ​Sailmaker says:
"I like your product very much.  I am a sailmaker for over 30 years and I always joked that most mast companies never figured out the sail / mast connection.  " did they ever consider what was being loaded into that groove at the back?"

Your product is slickest application out there. 
.... YachtShop.ca  will refer to your site as a solution for our clients."

The Internal MastGate ... Great instructions.....”how relaxed”.  I raised,  lowered and reefed several times with no problems.  It was the first time I’ve ever been able to actually go to the second reef, and it was easy at that.  Great product.
Thanks again!  Chris K (US Yacht 25 “Chinook”)

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