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New Product "Floating line"

Very light weight.  600 foot

floating line weighs 15 pounds..

Use for swimmers in water.

1/2' line has 1,800 lb strength.

5/8" line has 2,200 lb strength.

20 foot minimum order.


New Product:

        "Snubber  Dock Line"

When using a traditional dock ling to tie up to a dock or floating pump-out, you may have experienced a dock line rip out a cleat or seen a boat's hull banging hard against the dock after a set of boat wakes strike?

Dock lines have a breaking strength of 8,000 pounds and use hard rubber snubbers wrapped inline.  Some lines use a 2 foot length or rubber or shock cord at one end of the line.

Dinghys, sailboats and power boats under 20 feet don't need heavy duty dock lines.

For 10 years, I have been very happy and satisfied with two 15 foot, 1/2 inch diameter dock lines with a built-in snubber core, which run through the full length of the line.   A 15 foot line has a limited stretch of about 2 feet.  

Before I commit to building a spool of SNUBBER DOCK LINE, I need to know how many skippers would order and:

1.  is there a color preference? (Blue, Orange, Flourence Pink)

2.  length preference? ( 15ft minimum)

3.  reflective stripe worth extra cost?

4.  target price per foot?

Estimated price is $2.00 per foot and estimated shipping is $9 in USA.

Page updated: January 18, 2016

List of sailboats equipped with a MastGate:

Alajuela 38, Albin-57, American Sail A18, Astus-20.2, Aquarius, Balboa, Beneteau, Bristol, C&C, CC, Cal, Cape Dory, Capri, Catalina, Chrysler, Clipper Marine, Columbia, Compac, Core Sound, Coronado, Cortez, Crown, C-36, Dwyer, Ericson, Flying Scott, Gloster-19, Gramplan, Hanse, Harpoon 5.2, Helsen, Hunter, Islander Freeport, J 22 24 29 30 80, Kent Ranger 26, Kenyon, Lancer, Liberty 18, Lockley, Lugger Leward 16, Newport 16, MacGregor, Merit 25, Mirage, Montgomery, Nancy's China 15.2, NG, Nightingale, Nordica 16, O day, o'day, Pacific Seacraft, Pearson, Rhodes, Precision, Ranger, Sabre 28, Sage 17,Sanibel, San Juan, Sea Sprite, Seidelmann 24, Schock 23.5, Seafarer 29, Seaward, Selden C264, Shields, Shipper, South Coast, Sovereign 17, Spacesailer, Sparcraft, Spartan, Stiletto 27, Stuart Rhodes, Sturdee Cat, Tanzer, Tartan Thomas 35 3000, US Spars  Z 145, Vagabond 17, Venture 17, Victoria 18, Vision 660, Wayfarer 16, West Wight Potter, Windrider 17Wylie 34, Zspar

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​​​​​Custom built Mast-Gates:

Balboa-26 sailor says "Mastgate fits and works perfectly. We reefed and unreefed several times in high wind while underway. Reefing has become a sail trimming option as opposed to something to be done ahead of time. Thank you!"

To reef  quickly and safely, you need a gateway to bridge over your open sail-feed slot.

Hoist, reef or flake your sail to the boom for a smaller sail pack.

MastGate's patented designs provide Single and Dual MastGate kits for aluminum extruded masts.  See our Cross Section Profile Chart.


Other Custom Solutions:

Quick-Release Track-Stop (QRTS):

The only track stop device using a levered handle to provide up to 500 pounds of locking force, even if your hand is wet, cold, or arthritic.
I use it under my boom to limit sliding boom drop and there are times I want the boom locked above my head for more room.

$39.95 with 2' long rod.


Tiller Clutch/Lock (TCL):

​Single-handed sailors must have
a tiller control system if they 
want to stay the course while answering the call of nature or
attending to the rigging.
I have an electronic autohelm for most of my sailing enjoyment, but I also installed this backup tiller clutch/lock for uses when the autohelm fails me.  After trying and evaluating the other types of tiller controls on the market, I have designed one that has adjustable slip to no slip using a quick-release handle.  Because of its gripping strength, control line can be mounted closer to the stern coaming for more port & starboard space.

Kit $29  (SS saddle, SS J-bolt, SS nut and Nylon washer).

Kit $59  (parts above, plus quick-release handle axle.

​Let me know what diameter on control line you will be using).