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Add Cleat Shield Protectors.  Your aid in sailing & safety:

Prevent unintentional snags of main sheets during a jibe.

Snagging Fishing and anchor lines.

Hooking onto clothing or skin.
Prevent cleat horn breakage when stepping aboard.

Prevent dock line from slipping off.

The only clever cleat manufacture on the market (Antal's 280 roller) that provides the above advantages is bolted in place of your existing cleats at $300 each.  Truly a big boat must-have item!

Order our LOW COST, small boat solution to this age old snagging problem.

Place our expandable Cleat Shields around your cleat horns and your lines will sweep up & over without a hangup.

An elastic cord pulls the shield halves together for a firm attachment over a dock line and around the cleat horn.  This aids in securing your dock line from slipping off.  The pull string aids in removing and tethers to your finger to prevent loss.  Hang them away for storage.
Click link to see price list

Potter-15 user states he no longer snags the main sheet on stern cleats and a ComPac 16 sailor states he only needed one cleat shield to prevent hangups.  I use them on all 7 of my Potter 19 cleats because of the utility and they are pleasing to look at.  The bow anchor cleat is a much larger size version.


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QuickRelease TrackStop (QRTS) has replaced the round knob types.

Sailors with wet, cold or arthritic hands curse those small metal knob stops and say good bye when they bounce overboard.

Welcome to our easily to use dual cam action locking & release system.  

Places you will want to use a QRTS:

1.   block the opening of their feed slot, because it is only a few inches above a fixed boom.

2.  place one under a sliding boom to limit drop during reefing.

3.  increase head room under boom by sliding it up mast while at rest.  Release when ready to sail.

     (note: to hold back end of boom up, use topping lift or halyard.)

Hard to believe, but Weight is similar to the round knob types, because our handle is made of a tough composite resin from Germany.

Paper clip art created by Tom Luque

(Photo: Dan Phy in Montgomery 17)

​Gates are built using either carbon fiber, poly or nylon based plastics to build you the best insert or sleeve to bridge the sail feed gap in your mast.

I will help you with the best MastGate solution depending on:

  1. Mast's cross section profile.

  2. Feed slot length & width.

  3. Part number on sail slugs.

  4. How often you remove sail for storage. 

01-01-2016 List of sailboats equipped with a MastGate:

Alajuela 38, Albin-57, American Sail A18, Astus-20.2, Aquarius, Balboa, Beneteau First 21 210 235 305 320 36.7 , Bristol, C&C 25 27 32 33 MK1 34 Landfall 38 40 , CC Landfall, Cal 20 22 27 MK-3, Cape Dory Typhoon, Cape Dory 28, Capri 14.2 18 25 , Catalina 14.2 16.5 18 22 27 30 MK-3 34 36  310 320 380 350 , Chrysler 20 22 , Clipper Marine 21, Columbia 26 MK-2 28 , Compac 16 XL 19 MK-2 23 MK-3, Contessa 32, Core Sound 20, Coronado, Cortez 16, Crown 34, C-36, Dwyer, Ericson, Flying Scott, Gloster-19, Gramplan, Hanse, H-boat, Harpoon 5.2, Helsen, Hotfoot-20, Hunter, IP-35,  Islander Freeport, J 22 24 27 29 30 80 J109, Kent Ranger 26, Kenyon, Lancer, Liberty 18, Lindenberg 22, Lockley, Lugger Leward 16, MacGregor, Merit 25, Merrihome-26,  Mirage 30, Montgomery, MV-25, Nancy's China 15.2,  Newport 16, NG, Nightingale, Nordica 16, O day , Olsen-34, Pacific Seacraft, Pearson Ensign, Rhodes, Precision, Ranger, S2-7.9, Sabre 28, Sage 15 17, SageCat 15, Sanibel, San Juan, Sea Sprite, Seidelmann 24, Schock 23.5, Seafarer 24 29, SeaSprite, Seaward, Selden C264, Shields, Shipper, South Coast, Sovereign 17, Spacesailer, Sparcraft FM385, S2 7.9, Spartan, SparCraft FM385, Stiletto 27, Stuart Rhodes, Sturdee Cat, Tanzer, Tartan Thomas 35 3000, Tayana 37, Trapper 500, US Spars  Z 145, US Yacht-25,  Vagabond 17, Venture 17, Victoria 18, Vision 660, Voyager 20, Wayfarer 16, West Wight Potter 14 15 18 19, Windrider 17, Wylie 34, Yamaha 30, Zspar 701

Contact us for custom quotes to built to your needs.

We can also provide screw on adapter to add a nylon flex rod to change location of handle in mast.

On my West Wright Potter 19 I use 4" rod QRTS under sliding boom to limit boom drop during reefing and to lock boom above my head while reefed for more cockpit head room.  Handy to setting up a tall boom tent.


Our most useful and elegant design solution is our Internally hinged mounted, self closing MastGate (stainless steel 316).  Once installed, it is a hands free, self closing operation, and no tools required for use.

We have Externally mounted gates for mast profiles that can't fit the above Internal MastGate.  Our selections of a Fixed or Removable MastGate is a great solution to bridging the sail feed gap.

I will help you select the best MastGate solution depending on your mast's cross section profile, length & width of feed slot, type of sail slugs, and how often you remove your sail.

​We have introduced modern 3D modeling tools to build gates for round & complex luff channel geometries.

Single-handed handicap eliminated. 

 Once you insert the gate into your feed slot, it never needs to be removed again.  
To create an opening to add or remove sail slugs, you should pinch the bottom end of insert together while pushing down on the top end.
This will cause the insert to squeeze in-between the track and slide sown the channel, reviling the needed open space above to add or remove sail slugs.
Reverse procedure direction if you have a sliding boom to remove from the bottom direction.Some of our inserts and sleeves are pop-in solutions (*) and some require attachment.  

We currently modeled MastGates for:

*Catalina 18, 22, 380 *Capry 25; *Hunter 225; *SageCat 15, & Sage 17; J-109; Tayana 37; Tartan Thomas; Lindenberg and Dwyer  *DM3 , *DM368 , *DM375; Z Spar 701 ; SparCraft FM385 ; Beneteau 36.7 .

10 year estimated life span.

Please confirm feed Slot lengths, Width, and Sail Slug part number.


​​​​​How often will you reef or change sail ?

Balboa-26 sailor says:

"My MastGate fits and works perfectly. We reefed and un-reefed several times in high wind while underway. Reefing has become a sail trimming option as opposed to something to be done ahead of time. Thank you!"

NorthSails ​Sailmaker says:
"I like your product very much.  I am a sailmaker for over 30 years and I always joked that most mast companies never figured out the sail / mast connection. "

Your product is slickest application out there. 
.... YachtShop.ca  will now direct clients to your site as a solution.

Chris K (US Yacht 25 “Chinook”)

The Internal MastGate ... ” I raised,  lowered and reefed several times with no problems.  It was the first time I’ve ever been able to actually go to the second reef, and it was easy at that.  Great product.
Thanks again!"

John C (Beneteau 36.7)  I used to worry about sending some one to the mast to baby sit the slugs.

Now I no longer think about lowering or raising sail since installing my carbon fiber MastGate insert.  

Please search YouTube.com for more "Mastgates"  videos.
(see other testimonials)​         (see MastGate photos)​    (3D printed parts)